Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear Smokers.

Dear Smokers, Please get a plastic bag and cover yourself whenever you want to start smoking to enable you to enjoy the smoke 100% by yourself. I don't want any percentage of it nor do my friends who don't smoke. Don't kill me if you want to kill yourself. Regards, Your Friend :)

P.S.: dont u dare get near me... i will kill u!

Copy and paste this message to your profile (FACEBOOK/ TWITTER) to support the Keep-Smoke-Away Campaign

thank :)

support this link also. let's join!



cucu umie said...

wahai perokok berhentilah kamu dripada merokok untuk kesejhteraan bersama.

Mr feckry said...

Haram membuat sesuatu yang membahayakan kesihatan

Majogo said...

Nice Post here...Many people die because of uncontrolled smoking of cigarettes.

syuE said...

cucu umie : taw takpe! huhu

feckry : tula.. dorg ni ta phm!

majogo : true :)

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